Stop Having Bad Conference Calls. Get LifeSize.

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Stop Having Bad Conference Calls. Get LifeSize.

Why are conference calls still so complicated? Today, businesses have massive collaboration tools at their disposal with on-demand multi-user data access and transfers – so why does calling into a meeting still involve patchy connections, frustrating hold times, low user caps, and limited remote access?

It’s time for businesses to change the way they structure conference calls. While traditional conference calls use a bridge where users dial in, LifeSize offers a new approach—a direct connection to the meeting leader, either audio or video, from any device, from any location, instantly. With customized solutions and exclusive video conferencing equipment, businesses can enjoy smooth, high-quality conference calls from start to finish.

What is LifeSize Video Conferencing?

Global organizations, remote work forces, and busy teams all create a need for streamlined collaboration from different locations. However, many of today’s solutions are often frustrating to use or provide incomplete features that drive companies to subscribe to multiple services.

LifeSize meets the needs of today’s businesses with a single, consolidated conferencing solution. Whether staff needs to have a one-on-one call with a supervisor from a mobile device or attend a meeting with 25 participants across the globe from their desktop, they can use the same streamlined system.

The Benefits and Challenges of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing empowers businesses to globalize and embrace dynamic, flexible workflows – but there are some common challenges. Here are some of the biggest barriers that stand between companies and the benefits of video conferencing, as well as the solutions that LifeSize brings to the table:

1. An Entire Workforce Becomes Connected (But Everyone is Using a Different System)

The benefits of video conferencing can be quickly sabotaged by an overcomplicated system. Users operating different solutions to call into meetings for audio and video support can lead to poor connections and, ultimately, ineffective meetings. Furthermore, a global, mobile workforce isn’t just using desktops or laptops. The use of mobile devices can lead to an even more complicated system once a business also starts patching together mobile-specific solutions.

LifeSize consolidates the entire system. No more calling into a bridge, no more relying on multiple video feeds and connections, and no more latency failures. Calls begin the instant a participant connects to the meeting, and crystal-clear audio and video quality means users have a productive meeting for the entire duration of the call.

2. Video Empowers Organizations to Collaborate Face-to-Face (But Connection Quality is Unreliable)

For businesses using video conferencing solutions, connection reliability can be a major (and costly) issue. In fact, companies waste an average of 15 minutes per conference call on setup or technical issues. Furthermore, more than half of users have to wait for more than five minutes for all participants to get set up in a conference call. A reliable, enterprise-level solution can help a business guarantee that video conferences and remote calls maintain a high-quality connection with no frustrating downtime or dropped connections.

3. Expanding Connectivity Empowers Users with All Devices (But Redundancy is Inefficient and Expensive)

Today it’s very possible for a conference call to involve video-enabled connections, phone calls, mobile, and desktop connections all in the same meeting. Additionally, users may want to review the call after the fact, share their screens, chat, or link to a livestream. This combination of needs can lead to a company using multiple vendors for video conferencing software and hardware.

Subscribing to multiple conferencing solutions can be redundant and expensive. Technical issues can also easily arise from trying to configure all the different components to work together. LifeSize lets businesses access all the features and solutions they need—all under one subscription.

4. High-Definition Video Conferencing Improves Meetings (But the Hardware is Cost-Prohibitive)

A grainy, low-quality video can make it difficult to concentrate in conference calls and lower the quality of participation. However, the cost of HD cameras is outside the budget for many businesses—particularly those with remote sites and a mobile workforce.

LifeSize has solved this issue by developing its own HD camera hardware for its video conferencing solutions. Internally developing cameras from commercially-available image sensors, LifeSize can offer businesses crystal-clear HD video quality at a fraction of the cost of other HD conference call cameras.

How to Get Started with LifeSize

Not all businesses have the same video conferencing needs. That’s why LifeSize offers a variety of bundles tailored to organizations both large and small. As a certified LifeSize vendor, CDS works with businesses to determine which bundle is the right fit for any situation.

Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more about the LifeSize solution bundles and revolutionize your business video conferencing today!