IT Staffing Services the CDS Way

As we outlined in the previous blog post, IT Staffing Services help companies of all sizes secure the talent they need to assist in the planning, implementation, and management of their technology infrastructure. Using staffing services of this type can be a great way to help your business gain access to leading-edge technologies that can help place your business at the forefront of the competition.

When you choose to partner with a reliable IT service provider, you can typically select between IT staffing services that brings dedicated IT personnel to your place of business on a permanent basis, or Managed IT that gives you the ability to network with a team of IT experts that is housed at your third-party partner’s facilities. At CDS, however, we offer the ability to create a custom-tailored IT team that fits your business’s specific needs and challenges.

Custom IT Staffing for Optimized Results

At CDS, we find that each of our clients have a set of very specialized business parameters that they must work within. These might include budgetary constraints, spatial considerations, and any number of individual business challenges for which they need IT expertise. For that reason, we have created a unique way to bring clients exactly what they need — at a price that is affordable.

The CDS Staffing Difference

With custom-tailored agreements, our team can help augment your team in specialized ways that give you targeted IT support in the exact way that suits your business model. Depending on the agreement we design, your hired personnel would be dedicated to you at varying degrees. Here are some examples:

  • We can supply either a specific person or a non-specific person at your facilities for one or more days a week.
  • We can supply a multi-shift team of several engineers to work exclusively for you on a 24/7 rotation.
  • We can modify our standard staffing agreement to include the provision of an engineer onsite for a specific number of days per week in addition to standard agreement features.

Ultimately, it is completely up to you how you would like to be served.  One of our clients currently has two full-time employees reporting to their facility five days a week. While these technicians are part of the greater CDS team, they work as if employed directly by the client.

Our Team

When you hire CDS, you are hiring the highest level of IT knowledge. Since our only job is sourcing the most talented IT staff, we know exactly what to look for in potential candidates. Our applicants have been assessed at the highest levels and vetted to be able to perform and deliver outstanding service. Typically, the average business does not understand the nuts and bolts of IT standards and what to look for in a potential hire, nor do they have the resources to attract the best and brightest. But we do. And we ensure that our technicians and engineers are prepared to add significant value to your team.

Also, because we are handling all human resources tasks and payroll aspects, we can reduce the overall cost to you. You are no longer responsible for workers compensation, social security, or benefits. And, if necessary, we can ensure that you always have coverage for your facility: If your dedicated employee is unavailable for whatever reason — sick day, personal day — we will ensure that someone else is sent in their place, providing unbroken assistance.

The Added Value of the CDS Team

When you allow CDS to provide you with IT support, you not only get the deep knowledge held by your specific team report, but the added benefit of the CDS knowledge base and support structure. While your team member may be dedicated entirely to your business, they are still integrated into our team and systems. This integration gives you the kind of safety net that is typically only accessed when you have a collective of dozens of technical professionals of varying specialties — a level that is typically inaccessible to most businesses without a multimillion-dollar investment.

CDS — The Team That Gives You Exactly What You Need

To serve our clients better, we have created a unique way of offering IT services. By allowing clients to custom-create specific IT staffing agreements, we are able to provide more targeted services so that you get everything you need — and nothing you don’t.

Don’t be stuck with off-the-shelf IT support contracts. Contact a CDS representative and learn how our cost-effective custom-tailored IT Staffing Services can help your business thrive.