How Managed IT Services Can Improve Data Security in Healthcare

How Managed IT Services Can Improve Data Security in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has become increasingly reliant on technology to store and manage patient data. With the rise of electronic health records and online medical records, healthcare organizations face greater risks of cyber threats and data breaches. This makes it essential for healthcare organizations to implement effective security measures to protect patient data. One way they can achieve this is through managed IT services.

Managed IT services can provide healthcare organizations with a range of benefits, including improved data security, compliance management, and reduced downtime.

Healthcare Organizations Are Vulnerable to Data Breaches

In recent years, healthcare organizations and hospitals have experienced numerous data security breaches, compromising the sensitive patient information they are entrusted with. Such breaches can cause significant harm to patients and can result in substantial fines and damage to an organization’s reputation.

One of the biggest healthcare data breaches occurred in 2015 when Anthem experienced a breach that affected up to 80 million people. The breach was the result of a cyberattack that took place over several months, giving the attackers access to patient information, including names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, and medical identification numbers.

Also in 2015, Children’s Medical Clinics of East Texas experienced a breach when a disgruntled employee gave patient info to a third party. The breach exposed personal health information of more than 16,000 children.

In another major breach, in 2018, the Florida-based agency, Health First, reported that the personal information, including Social Security numbers and medical records, of nearly 42,000 of its patients was compromised.

These data security breaches highlight the importance of taking necessary measures to secure patient information. Healthcare organizations must comply with patient privacy regulations such as HIPAA, which require them to safeguard patient data. Failure to do so can result in significant fines and damage to an organization’s reputation.

How Managed IT Can Help Healthcare Companies With Data Security

It is crucial for healthcare organizations to implement effective data security measures to prevent breaches. Managed IT services providers can help healthcare organizations to manage their IT infrastructure, monitor threats, and respond to incidents in real-time. Regular risk assessments, employee training, and the implementation of advanced security solutions can help prevent data breaches and protect patient data.

Compliance Management

Healthcare organizations are required to comply with various state and federal regulations such as HIPAA, which require secure storage and protection of patient data. HIPAA violations can result in hefty fines and damage the reputation of the organization.

Managed IT services can help healthcare organizations comply with these regulations by providing reliable compliance mManagement. This includes regular auditing and monitoring of the IT infrastructure to ensure that all systems are up-to-date, secure, and compliant with regulatory standards. By outsourcing IT and data security to a managed IT service provider, healthcare organizations can benefit from improved security and compliance, allowing them to focus on patient care.

Proactive Monitoring and Response

Managed IT service providers continuously monitor healthcare networks for potential security threats such as malware and viruses, and can quickly respond to prevent data breaches. They can also track user activity and detect unusual traffic patterns, which can indicate a potential cyberattack. This proactive monitoring can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks. In case of a cyberattack or other security incident, managed IT service providers can provide swift response and remediation, minimizing the damage done to patient data and ensuring business continuity.

Data Backup and Recovery

Managed IT services can provide secure data backup and recovery solutions to ensure that patient data can be restored in case of a disaster or cyberattack. Healthcare organizations are often required to have disaster recovery procedures in place to ensure uninterrupted services and minimal disruption in case of a disaster. Managed IT service providers can implement reliable data backup and recovery solutions, ensuring that patient data is protected, and healthcare operations can continue without any interruptions.

In conclusion, healthcare organizations and hospitals must take the necessary steps to safeguard the sensitive patient information they hold. By implementing effective data security measures and working with reputable managed IT services providers, healthcare organizations can mitigate the risks of data breaches and safeguard the privacy of their patients.

Need Help With Compliance Management and Data Security?

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