How 3CX Soft Phones Can Help Your Business

How 3CX Soft Phones Can Help Your Business

Choosing the right telephone system for your business can be confusing, with so many providers of traditional, VoIP, and soft phones. Having a robust phone system for your business has to be a top priority, especially as a business grows. Despite the prevalence of email and chatbots, many customers still prefer to talk to a live human being over the telephone.

CDS Office Technologies is an official partner with one of the best providers of virtual phone systems, 3CX. In this blog, we’ll explain the benefits of the 3CX soft phone, part of their next generation phone system.

What Is a Soft Phone?

A “soft phone” is a “telephone” that doesn’t require the use of a physical device to talk. Instead of a cellphone or landline phone, a soft phone can work with an app on a smartphone or tablet, a desktop app installed on a desktop or laptop, or a web app accessed through a web browser.

Soft phones are an increasingly popular option with businesses and organizations of all sizes. You don’t need to buy additional equipment, other than the computers or tablets that your team are probably already using.

Soft phone apps can also be used on existing smartphones, and become an additional phone number that your team members can use offsite when working remotely or traveling.

Transitioning From Landlines to Soft Phones

We haven’t reached the point yet where telephone landlines have been completely phased out. In fact, many businesses still use them. While there might be some specialized applications of a hard line, soft phones and IP phone systems have become more popular in recent years for a number of reasons.

One of the best reasons to transition to soft phones is cost. Soft phones are generally cheaper – in fact, a lot cheaper. And “cheap” in this case doesn’t mean that you are getting less. In fact, with soft phones, you are getting more for your money. Landlines can’t travel with your team, for one thing. They also can’t integrate as easily with features like webchat.

Soft phones also scale very easily. With a landline phone system, if you need to add a lot more phone numbers, you will need to install more phone lines to handle it. This takes time and can potentially cost quite a bit of money. Soft phones can be expanded almost infinitely without much additional cost and little effort.

The Great Benefits of 3CX Soft Phones

If you are considering moving to soft phones, we recommend 3CX. We like working with 3CX phone systems because they are so versatile. With a single app, your team can access telephone calls, Live Chat, WhatsApp messages, SMS, and video conferencing. Your team won’t have to open and fuss with multiple apps – all their client and customer communications can be handled in one app.

As mentioned, soft phone apps are available for web, desktop, and mobile environments. But if you prefer a real telephone, you can also access the soft phone with a supported IP phone.

Soft Phone With Website Chat Integration

3CX offers a website chat app offering many of the same queuing and routing features as their phone system. Customers will wait in line the same way, whether they are on the phone or in the webchat. Customers can also optionally transition their support request from chat to a voice call via one-click phone call escalation. Thus, customers can choose to be connected to a customer service representative on the phone with a single click.

Connect with Existing IP Phones

For businesses that already have their own SIP trunk, you can save money by connecting your existing IP phones, maintaining control over your phone numbers.

Manage Costs with 3CX Soft Phones

With 3CX, licensing is kept simple and uncomplicated to make the service affordable and scalable. It’s just one yearly cost, based on the size of the system, without nickeling and diming per user.  

Worry-Free Installation and Administration

By working with CDS Office Technologies, your organization won’t have to worry about installing and configuring your 3CX soft phone systems. We can handle that for you. Phone system administration is simple administration, and upgrades and backups are automated.

Get Started With 3CX Soft Phones for Business

CDS Office Technologies partners with 3CX to offer the most advanced soft phone technologies for businesses and organizations. 3CX is our primary phone system offering and fastest selling product because it’s so powerful and helpful for organizations of all sizes. CDS Office Technologies can help transition your business from traditional phones to soft phones by consulting with you every step of the way. We can help administer your business phone systems and devices to utilize the best in soft phone technology.

CDS Office Technologies can help your organization with the best in innovative communications technologies. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business with soft phone services.