Why it’s Important to Backup the Data on Your Computers

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Keeping data backups is one of the most vital responsibilities in business today. Data backups have rapidly progressed from a suggestion to a necessity as cybercrime has skyrocketed, causing billions of dollars in damages from compromising business data.

Data Backups and Why Firms Need a Data Backup Policy

In 2019, having a data backup policy is no longer an optional afterthought–it’s an imperative. When suffering a data loss event, whether through security issues, carelessness, or equipment failure, companies caught without a data backup solution suffer many times worse than businesses that have a system in place.

Think about all of the devices containing sensitive company data that employees use every day. These employees could be using these machines to browse Facebook and social media sites, visit celebrity/political gossip sites, check personal emails and attachments and so on. This type of behavior is notoriously risky with regards to viruses and malware. Furthermore, the physical conditions of these devices must be considered as well. Antivirus software and network security measures help mitigate risks associated with online activity but do nothing to prevent system fans from being clogged with dust, static electricity discharge, power surges or brown outs, or general wear and tear from years of use.

Viewing company devices as ticking time bombs helps ensure that a company is proactive and does not run into data issues in the future.

Unfortunately, many businesses are still using backward practices like relying solely on self-managed on site backups using flash drives or external drives. Performing data backups with conventional equipment, however, can be problematic, making managed services a superior option. At CDS, we offer our managed IT service clients state-of-the-art business continuity and disaster recovery services, no only protecting and securing company data, but also keeping your business operational during a data loss event with minimal downtime.

Hackers and Data Breaches Can Cripple a Firm with No Data Backup Policy

Firms without robust data backup solutions stand to lose the most from the recent uptick in cybercriminal assaults on the business community. Data breaches are the most expensive on average for businesses in the United States, making them a nightmare for American-based firms.

According to a recent study by Ponemon Institute, data breaches are now more expensive than ever. A good rule of thumb and a great reason to deploy a business continuity & disaster recovery solution is each record lost in a data breach costs $148. Be fiscally smart and partner with CDS for backups!

Hardware Failure Is Another Reason to Have a Data Backup Policy

Hacking isn’t the only threat that businesses face; hardware failure can be just as damaging. Knowing how to back up a computer to an external hard drive is essential to averting costly potential damages.

Devices across the office environment are subject to hardware failure at any given time that could result in the destruction of valuable company data without warning.

In addition to the cost of the data that’s lost from hardware failure, the longer it takes to fix or replace the equipment, the higher the price. It is paramount to have a robust data backup policy in place to cover the costs when computing hardware fails or breaks down.

While direct-attached or even network-attached storage devices are important resources in any backup solution, they do not constitute a complete solution. These on-site devices are still susceptible to disasters such as fires, flooding, and tornados, as well as burglary or sabotage. No backup solution is complete without a suitable off-site element, ideally in a separate geographical region unlikely to be affected by regional disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.).

Accidents Happen–Account for them with a Solid Data Backup Policy

In addition to hardware failure, even simple accidents such as knocking over a cup of coffee and spilling it over a phone or PC can wipe out data within seconds. These accidents can be expensive; don’t let them cripple the business. With the protections of a managed IT service provider such as CDS, firms can weather these accidents much more comfortably than without them. Managed IT services represent a crucial role of technology in business today and are an essential part of doing business safely in today’s risk-ridden market.

How Managed Services Fit into Data Backup Policies

The easiest and most effective way to ensure data backups are performed successfully is by partnering with a managed network service provider like CDS Office Technologies. These services cover essential IT security functions, including data backups with industry-leading business continuity & disaster recovery processes.

More enticing are the cost savings firms enjoy from using managed network services. The security features they provide are dramatically less expensive than paying the benefits and salaries of a full time IT staff.

Managed IT services play a critical part in advancing the role of technology in business. As an essential service in today’s high-tech market, these services do a lot more than perform professional data backups.

Enjoy First-Class Security and Data Backups with CDS Office Technologies

Data security is no joke—don’t get caught without strong data protections like full data backups performed professionally by a company like CDS Office Technologies. We’ve been a trusted industry leader for years and strive to provide the highest quality in service to our customers at the best possible prices. With CDS Office Technologies on defense, firms can rest easy knowing they have the best round-the-clock protection around.

CDS Office Technologies is a leader in business continuity by helping firms navigate disastrous situations with ease. Our backups and services allow customers to access a virtual representation of devices that have been compromised and effectively still use the data while the original device is being restored or replaced. Services like this are of great value in today’s market and finding the right partner is critical, choose CDS Office Technologies for the best in both service and price.

Keep data protected with routine backups and enjoy peace of mind that can’t be beaten for the price with CDS Office Technologies.