How a Customized Laptop will Increase Workplace Efficiency

How a Customized Laptop will Increase Workplace Efficiency

These days, customization is all the rage. Consumers increasingly demand customized options across the board, whether it is a product or a service. However, customization also serves many practical purposes in the business world. Companies can take advantage of this to propel workplace efficiency to new heights. Customized laptops are one way that businesses put more powerful tools into the hands of their employees to increase their success.

Company-issued laptops are already commonplace. According to Gartner, at least 36 percent of corporate employees in the US report that their company has given them a laptop to perform their job. Likewise, the vast majority of IT professionals—some 87 percent—rank computer reliability as the single most important factor when it comes to workplace computers. Laptops with custom configurations and components are in a prime position to provide both the reliability and the functionality that employees increasingly need. Here are a few things to consider when investing in custom laptops.

Different Is Better: The Benefits of a Customized Laptop

Customized laptops deliver numerous benefits to the workplace which drive efficiency and productivity. Businesses enjoy such benefits because:

1. Employees Get Exactly What They Need.

With a customized laptop, it’s much easier to hand-select the precise components which will best support employee productivity. For example, a graphics design company may choose to customize their laptops with a dedicated graphics card and increased RAM to handle the powerful digital editing tools their employees will use.

Likewise, customization can even extend to the exact software and operating system installed on the device. With a custom configuration, employees will get exactly what they need.

2. Users Enjoy High-Quality Parts.

To keep costs down, many laptop makers cut corners on lower-end devices. Whether it’s the cooling component for the CPU, the trackpad, or the WiFi card, there’s usually something which isn’t quite up to par with the rest of the machine. The best way to avoid this is to order a custom configuration for your laptop. This ensures quality across the board because each component is chosen individually.

3. High-End Devices Are More Cost-Effective.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a high-end device is usually more cost-effective than an entry-level laptop in the long run. Why? Higher quality parts have fewer problems and a longer life expectancy. Likewise, they improve the ability of employees to complete tasks more quickly because they’re designed with certain tasks in mind.

Custom Lenovo Laptops for Those Who Do

Lenovo customizable laptops are one of the best choices for companies and public agencies seeking to amplify workplace efficiency with technology. Routinely ranked as one of the best laptop companies, CDS is pleased to partner with Lenovo to help government entities acquire custom solutions.

How Laptop Customization Works: Configure-To-Order

When working with CDS, customers gain the ability to request the custom configuration of a laptop, also known as a CTO. A CTO is a modification of a pre-existing model to include the exact hardware components desired. ThinkPads are the most common model used for CTOs because they’re particularly noted for their reliability, durability, and the ability for further upgrades later.

To develop a CTO, CDS works with customers to identify their specific needs based on their industry, work environment, and business processes to draw up a list of recommended components. The final build is then decided. After signing off, those specifications are sent to Lenovo, where each device is custom-built. As an added convenience, once a CTO device has been ordered, it is assigned a product number and can be reordered easily without the need to submit a new CTO!

Lenovo makes available its full line of hardware for custom builds, meaning that customization is limited only by hardware capabilities. A CTO specialist will guide customers through what these exact limitations are, to help configure a device that is cost effective, stable and realistic.

CDS Provides Custom Solutions for Efficiency

When it comes to creating a more efficient work environment, offices may implement a variety of strategies. From physical office layout to custom-built computers, it’s now easier than ever to more fully customize the workplace. CDS helps companies and government agencies build custom-configured Lenovo laptops to accommodate a wide range of work environments and tasks. With customized laptops, organizations can make everyone’s job a little easier and more efficient!

CDS is a proud partner of Lenovo, delivering custom laptops to offices in the public sector. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help drive efficiency in your organization through customized devices.