CDS Office Technologies Announces Merger with Tech Guy Consulting

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They say that change is the only constant. As far as change goes, this is a very exciting one for CDS Office Technologies. The team at CDS is very excited to announce a merger with Tech Guy Consulting. This merger is going to provide new and existing clients with added service and support to help grow CDS Office Technologies’ reputation as a trusted provider of exceptional service and office technology.

Of course, when a major move like this is made, there are often a lot of questions. CDS doesn’t want to leave their valued customers or the customers of Tech Guy Consulting in the dark so, to help shed some light on the situation, this article will address some of the questions customers may have regarding the merger as well as take a look ahead to what the future may look like for CDS Office Technologies.

What Happens to Tech Guy Consulting Customers?

Tech Guy Consulting has built a loyal following of dedicated customers, but the merger doesn’t mean that the IT, network, and web development services they’re known for are going away. In fact, we’re confident that we’ll be able to bring a new level of service and expertise for customers of CDS Office Technologies, and Tech Guy Consulting’s existing customers will absolutely not be forgotten.

Current clients of Tech Guy Consulting will still enjoy the same top quality managed IT services, managed network services, web development, and surveillance services as they always have. They will continue working with the same team they have come to know and trust at Tech Guy Consulting. Even better, they can also now enjoy the products and services offered by CDS Office Technologies on top of the great services they get from Tech Guy Consulting. Mark Watson, President of CDS Office Technologies, and Jay Watson, CEO of CDS Office Technologies, specifically addressed this concern in a press release by stressing that the goal is to make a seamless transition as they welcome the Tech Guy team as well as their customers.

What Will Change for Clients of CDS Office Technologies?

Much like the customers of Tech Guy Consulting, CDS Office Technologies’ clients will not see any noticeable change in their day to day dealings. Those who already enjoy their managed IT services through CDS Office Technologies will continue with business as usual.

Merging with Tech Guy Consulting simply allows the entire organization to offer more services and expertise to existing and future clients of CDS Office Technologies. The Tech Guy Consulting team brings a lot of experience in areas like web development and surveillance system setup which can now be offered to clients in the metropolitan St. Louis, and central and southern Illinois areas.

Clients that love their services from CDS Office Technologies currently can look forward to enjoying the same quality managed IT services, managed network services, and industry-leading products for years and years to come. The only change will be expanded services for those who are interested.

What Does Tech Guy Consulting Add to the Team?

As the IT industry changes with technology, so do the expectations of clients. Essentially, customers are looking for more beyond managed IT services, leading printer and copier technology, and managed network services. CDS Office Technologies wants to be that go-to, trusted advisor for a wide range of technology needs.

Bringing the Tech Guy Consulting team into the fold was the best way to expand services while continuing to honor a strong commitment to a high level of service and customer satisfaction. The Tech Guy Consulting team has experience in new service areas that can now be offered to clients.

From a client standpoint, this change can help simplify their technology services. In some cases, businesses may have to look to one company for network support and device management, another company for surveillance equipment, and another company for web development. Now, CDS Office Technologies can be a leader in all areas and clients can enjoy a consistent, seamless experience for all of their technology service and equipment needs.

One Stop for Managed IT Services & More!

This merger between CDS Office Technologies and Tech Guy Consulting will allow the organization to continue being the leader in managed IT services, managed network services, office technology, and more. They’re excited to be growing their team and areas of expertise.

If you have questions about the merger or are interested in new services and products that may be available to you as a result, then contact us at CDS Office Technologies today!