Need Business IT Services in St. Louis? Consider CDS!

Need Business IT Services in St. Louis? Consider This!

As a small business owner, have you been searching for “business IT services St Louis” and coming up empty? Keep reading…CDS can help!

If you’re running a business in a large metropolitan area such as St. Louis, MO, you may find it hard to hire the knowledgeable IT staff you need within your budget. Salaries are on the rise, with 2022 promising the largest pay hike across the board since 2008. While this may be great news for prospective IT job seekers, it is causing some companies — especially those in the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) range — concern over their ability to gain access to the expertise they need.

And make no mistake — having the right IT expertise at your disposal is critical for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition while keeping within a specific budget. Consider this: A desktop PC that is poorly managed or, worse yet, unmanaged, can cost your company over $5,000 every year. When you consider the peripheral equipment associated with that desktop, such as network infrastructure, routers, connectivity, and more — these costs could run up to $8,500 per year.

However, if that same computer is properly managed, it could result in an overall savings of 37%, which can add up to thousands of dollars for each computer your company has in use. To balance access to software, hardware, and services against a limited budget, your best bet will be partnering with a competent managed service provider (MSP).

The Benefits of Partnering with an MSP for IT Services 

Partnering with a strong managed services provider (MSP) for IT services, especially in St. Louis, MO or other large metropolitan areas where salaries are extremely high is a smart move. An MSP that offers Managed IT or Managed Network Services can help you:

  • Reduce system complexity by standardizing hardware, software, and platforms
  • Ensure secure operations through routine updates, software patches, maintenance, and back ups
  • Protect your system against evolving cyberthreats and even physical threats
  • Offer access control to further protect networks, databases, and other areas where sensitive data resides
  • Provide training and education for an in-house IT staff and current employees

Of course, one of the greatest benefits of managed IT services is they way in which they are able to reduce the overall cost of operating and supporting your IT infrastructure. Besides outright reduction in costs achieved through consistent management of infrastructure and devices, there is intrinsic cost reduction as your network becomes more sophisticated and reliable, resulting in increased uptime. Increased uptime translates easily into increased productivity for your employees and operational efficiency for your overall business. In fact, you can typically garner greater than 99% uptime on your devices when you partner with an MSP for IT services.

That greater efficiency and uptime also helps your company provide better, more reliable services to your customers. In a large metropolitan area with a hypercompetitive marketplace such as St. Louis, this could mean a distinct competitive advantage for your business. 

Partner with CDS for Robust Business IT Services in St. Louis

At CDS, we have over fifty years of providing high-level services to our clients in large cities like St. Louis.  As such, we fully understand the difficulties that can arise when you’re trying to find competent IT assistance that will fit within a budget already strained by the factors that go along with business in a competitive metropolitan market. Finding competent in-house IT staff is costly and difficult, and even if you do manage to hire an expert, retaining them in the face of competitive wages can be difficult, resulting in high turnover.

When you partner with our team of IT experts, you get reliable, deep knowledge of evolving IT technologies, including leading edge cybersecurity strategies, that can help your company stay protected, profitable, and ahead of your competition. Our wide range of IT services can keep your entire infrastructure managed — from endpoints to connectivity and beyond — for greater efficiency, productivity, and of course, sensitivity to your budget resources.

Get the right IT assistance for your St. Louis, MO business. Contact a CDS representative and learn how our Managed Network Services can help your business thrive. When it comes to business IT services St Louis businesses look to CDS Office Technologies.