The Big Benefits of Managed IT for Small Business

By October 11, 2021 March 15th, 2023 Cybersecurity, Managed Services, SMBs
Coworkers evaluating the benefits of Managed IT Services proposal for their small business

IT services are top-of-mind for many businesses around the world, regardless of size. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, the needs of businesses are also changing, and cybersecurity has become an even greater concern as more and more data becomes digital. All of this can be difficult to manage for a business by itself, especially in the case of small businesses (SMBs). As the scope of IT services have expanded, so has the manpower, expertise, and cost required to effectively deliver these services. Businesses may feel stuck when comparing the benefits of managed IT services and having an in-house IT person or team.

For many small businesses, hiring additional in-house IT staff is simply something that can’t be fit into the budget. IT professionals are knowledgeable in a wide range of areas and they command a salary reflective of that expertise in today’s employment market. This is why over a third of small businesses are outsourcing business processes like IT services.

There are some big benefits for small businesses that are considering managed IT services to meet their needs.

The benefits of managed IT services include broader experience, improved cybersecurity, better scalability.
The benefits of managed IT services include broader experience, improved cybersecurity, better scalability.

Benefits of Managed IT: Big Experience on a Limited Budget

Managed IT services are the solution for SMBs on a budget. This allows the business to delegate the increasing duties of the IT department to an experienced third party that specializes in the area. In a way, it’s like indirectly sharing the cost of IT with a number of different businesses. When several businesses use a managed IT services provider, the provider can service them all for a lower individual cost as compared to hiring in-house staff to do the same work.

The managed IT services provider employs experienced IT professionals to work as a team and service the entire client base. This includes everything from hardware deployment to software management to cybersecurity. Generally speaking, most businesses don’t need the IT person on location 24/7. They save money by having instant access to an IT person when they need it but don’t pay the person a salary, benefits, or have invite them to the holiday party.

Leading Edge Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a major concern for businesses of all sizes. For small businesses, it can be costly and time consuming to stay ahead of the latest cybersecurity trends. However, it can be just as costly to let cybersecurity slide. The average data breach costs $4.24 million in 2021. That type of cost can spell the end for many small businesses. Even if a breach doesn’t lead to a direct monetary loss, it can lead to reputational damage for a business that eventually results in reduced revenue.

One of the main advantages of managed IT services is that businesses can trust they are getting the latest in cybersecurity measures. The IT professionals offering these services are trained in their specific field, regularly update their skills to match the changing landscape, and are dedicated to the work that they do. With a managed services provider, an SMB can get cybersecurity detection, software to help stop a breach before it occurs, and disaster recovery to ensure the business can get back up and running in the event of a major incident. All of these strategies work together to create a holistic cybersecurity plan.

Scale as Needs Grow

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of managed IT services is the ability to have the services scale with the growth of the business. For a small business experiencing rapid growth, IT services shouldn’t be what stalls that growth. Hiring in-house team members to manage IT can be time consuming and costly. Instead, expanding the scope of the managed IT services to support a larger team, new platforms, and other needs can be done quickly.

This allows management to focus on the areas of the business that they can continue growing. They can rest easy knowing that their managed IT services are there to handle the technical side of things while staying within budget. 

Experience the Benefits of Managed IT Services

Technology is an important part of any business today. There is no getting around that fact. Business owners and managers have a clear choice: hire internal staff or choose managed services. Managed services are the budget friendly option that can deliver exceptional service to businesses of all sizes. As is hopefully clear, the benefits of managed IT services are significant.

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