5 Ways Cloud Computing Supercharges SMBs

By September 12, 2022 March 15th, 2023 Cloud Computing, SMBs
5 Ways Cloud Computing Supercharges SMBs

If you want your small business to grow and scale, then you need to have the infrastructure in place before all of the big orders come flooding in. You will also want to have your data secured and backed up in case of a disaster. Cloud computing can help make this happen. It can supercharge your small business and make it thrive.

The Importance of Technology Infrastructure for SMBs

Small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) have many challenges. These challenges can include getting a foothold in the marketplace, developing strong customer relationships, and getting enough capital to fully launch the business.

SMBs have really benefited from advancements in cloud technology, which can help smaller business launch without a huge investment but scale up quickly as needed.

They often say, you need money to make money. Well, you don’t necessarily need a gazillion dollars, but you need to be smart with your resources. So, let’s say you are building a business from scratch. You know you’re going to need to grow, but you’re not sure how much or when. 

It doesn’t make sense to put up a large capital outlay upfront to purchase a whole bunch of servers for example, if you’re not sure you’re going to need them. At the same time, if you don’t have something ready for when things start to get big, you could be scrambling when the success finally comes.

Thus, technology infrastructure is important for any business that is looking to grow, especially businesses that want to grow quickly and spectacularly.

The Benefits of Cloud Technology for SMBs

Fortunately, cloud technology can really help small businesses grow and expand come out without having a huge upfront cost. The cloud enables expansion to happen organically, as you need it.

This has been especially beneficial for small businesses looking to create a strong online presence. If you have a website that’s not getting much traffic, it really doesn’t make sense to buy 10 servers to support it and then lose money. But what if you finally get that PR piece in the major newspaper, all of a sudden your site is being hammered. This is where the cloud excels: new servers can be spun up quickly and easily to meet the demand of the new traffic.

This same philosophy applies to the cloud, in any way you might use it for your business. For example, maybe you have a dentist office that is transitioning to electronic health records. Previously you had a lot of filing cabinets with patient information, and maybe even a whole room just dedicated to X-rays. Now you’ve moved to digital X-rays, which are kept in files rather than on film. 

As your practice grows, you are going to need more storage space that is secure and able to maintain these files over a long period of time. The cloud would be very helpful for this.

5 Ways Cloud Computing Helps SMBs 

For SMBs, cloud computing has many benefits, including:

1. Affordability

The cloud is affordable. This is a no small part due to the fact that you only purchase what you need and then add on as you need to add on.

2. Reliability and Redundancy. 

The cloud offers more reliability than the old way of using servers, because data is distributed and can be quickly moved if there’s some sort of issue. On the surface, you won’t even know that the transition has been made. The point being, that on the user’s end you simply have reliable access to your data. This also makes the cloud a great choice for data protection and disaster prevention.

3. Scalable.

We’ve already mentioned scalability when it comes to affordability. But also consider the applications. With cloud scalability, the sky is practically the limit. If you need to spin up a whole bunch of gigabytes and terabytes, you can do that with the cloud. Quickly.

4. Customizable.

Because the cloud is fluid and not rigid in its structure, you can customize it to meet any sort of needs such as data storage, web hosting, such as or other special projects.

5. Low maintenance.

If you work with a qualified cloud provider, then your cloud will be low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about an in-house System Administrator taking care of the cloud for you. You don’t need to hire new resources to manage the cloud. you just take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

Getting Started With Cloud Computing for Your Small Business 

CDS Office Technologies is a leading Managed Technology Services provider offering secure cloud data storage for SMBs. Our cloud services are designed for total data protection to guarantee business continuity and access to your data when you need it. 

Our additional services include ransomware protection, disaster recovery, cloud to cloud backup, and Managed Network Services. Our solutions are customized to your needs. You only need to purchase that part of the cloud that you need now, without having to worry about a massive upfront investment in potential future storage. Our cloud data storage will grow with you, as you need it. We will also consult with you on the best strategies for utilizing your cloud to meet your business objectives.

CDS Office Technologies can help your small business grow with secure and reliable cloud data storage. Contact us today to schedule an assessment and consultation.