Statewide Laptop Master Contract

CDS Office Technologies holds the Statewide Laptop Master Contract for Lenovo laptop computers and accessories. The contract was awarded on December 28, 2016 and is effective for a minimum of three years. The contract enables any government agency within Illinois to purchase Lenovo computers directly from CDS without the need to go through a formal bid process. The Laptop Master Contract Number is: CMS701124A

For current contract pricing and information on all your Lenovo computer needs please contact CDS for personalized assistance, or click here to view available devices!

The Statewide Laptop Master Contract pricing is available for state and municipal employees purchase, however, orders will need to be pre-paid by check or credit card.  Please contact CDS for more information.

To view the Statewide Laptop Master Contract, please click here or click here to browse available devices.

Click here for the Lenovo L580 Professional brochure.  Click here for the system specifications.

Click here for the Lenovo T480 Executive brochure.  Click here for the system specifications.

Click here for general support site info – access warranty info, Lenovo forums, diagnosis info, etc.

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