IT Staffing Services

Hiring is difficult. Hiring an IT department is even more of a challenge, especially for non-tech companies. Unless you operate in the IT industry, how do you know what questions to ask? Or assess an applicant’s qualifications? How do you know what constitutes an informed decision or response?

Frankly, you can’t. So what do you do—how do you find IT staff that you can trust?

Turn to an expert. 

What is IT Staffing?

IT Staffing Services are tailor-made solutions to the challenges associated with building an IT department. For some businesses, a managed IT services agreement is sufficient to keep operations efficient and technology systems available. For others, however, it may be necessary to have any number of IT personnel on-site, sometimes even 24/7.

Building an IT department capable of providing multi-shift, 24/7 support is daunting for most anyone. But for CDS, hiring quality IT people is what we do. And if your business needs the kind of support that can only be provided by full-time, dedicated IT employees, we know how to find them.

Hiring qualified IT personnel is our specialty.

Additionally, when you partner with us to staff your onsite IT department, those dedicated onsite employees have the added safety net of open and direct communications and collaboration with our full force of engineers all throughout the Midwest. We employ dozens of technical professionals on staff across multiple disciplines and varying specialties. A team on this scale is nearly impossible for a non-tech company to construct and retain.

Trust CDS to Staff Your IT Department

When it comes to hiring IT engineers at any level, we know exactly what to ask and for what to look. Hiring qualified IT personnel is our specialty. It’s what empowers us to provide best-of-breed technology solutions for our clients, and has kept us going strong for more than 50 years.

Furthermore, when you turn to CDS for your IT staffing needs, you reduce your cost by offloading the cost of payroll, taxes, insurance, and so on.