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Network Attached Storage (NAS)

CDS Office Technologies can facilitate the planning and design a Network Attached Storage (NAS) storage system for your organization. We have the expertise to provide high-quality solutions for storing, sharing and protecting business-critical data that is reliable, scalable and affordable even for the smallest office environment.

NAS unified architecture solves numerous data management problems with a single system, making capacity management, access, backup, restore and disaster recovery issues obsolete.

Contact CDS Office Technologies today to learn how you can easily eliminate common data concerns and secure your data storage needs quickly and affordably.

Data Storage

By centralizing data from your local systems into a single storage device, your organization will reduce data management support issues and optimize reliability. Additional storage capacity can be simply added with no downtime and NAS supports both file sharing and server applications like Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server® or VMware®.

Data Sharing

Quickly and easily access data no matter where you are – from multiple computer sites, on the road or in a remote field office location. Safely download files to multiple users simultaneously in Windows, Macintosh or Linux/UNIX environments without email or FTP frustrations. The NAS remote feature is as simple as “drag-and-drop” to a secure connection between any computer and your NAS environment without firewall, VPN or awkward Web-based remote access hassles.

Data Protection & Backup/Recovery

Every organization understands the value of data and that lost information means lost revenue. Designing a secure environment allows your firm to have multiple layers of protection built into every NAS – including drive fault tolerance, online backups and secure offsite replication to another NAS system. NAS has significantly changed backup and recovery procedures and offers a complete replacement to tape storage, making offsite replication and backup an affordable and reliable solution for all business applications large or small.

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