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Storage Area Network (SAN)

Like most organizations, your storage needs continue to grow and you want the most benefit from your investment. A storage area network (SAN) solution, along with virtualization, is one method to streamline your server environment and maximize your investment dollars.

SAN solutions are optimized for database and email applications, as well as, virtualized servers. Using a growth based, all-inclusive pricing model and intuitive storage management software, the SAN is perfect for the budget conscious. And, with the ever-growing need for redundancy and disaster recovery solutions, a SAN can eliminate single points of failure across your environment with an innovative approach to data replication that reduces risk without driving up costs.

The SAN clustering architecture will allow you to scale capacity and performance linearly without incurring downtime, performance bottlenecks, or forcing expensive upgrades. Sharing storage simplifies administration and increases flexibility, since cables and storage devices do not have to be physically moved to shift storage requirements from one server to another.

One of the more substantial benefits of the SAN environment is the ability to permit servers to boot from the SAN itself. This allows for a quick and easy replacement of faulty servers and the SAN can be reconfigured so the replacement server can use the same logical unit number of the faulty server.

Establishing a SAN environment is viewed as one of the more effective disaster recovery strategies in place today. The SAN could span to a distant location containing a secondary storage array and enable storage replication, either implemented by disk array controllers by server software, or by specialized SAN devices.

Implementing a SAN infrastructure will help your organization develop storage consolidation methods and facilitate data sharing, server clustering and provide enhanced backup strategies across various host server platforms.

CDS Office Technologies can help your organization focus on the planning and implementation considerations associated with establishing a SAN infrastructure. Our experts will discuss the various functions provided by the SAN components, explore the interdependencies and examine the processes to implement a storage networking environment in your organization.


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