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PBX Phone System Assessment

The form below will ask several questions about your phone system requirements, as well as your preferences and desires, which will help us develop a system that will work perfectly for your business and situation.

All fields are required unless marked otherwise, so if you’re unsure of what to put, please feel free to just type “unsure” or “not applicable” if you need to. The more information you can provide, the better, but we understand you might not always have all the answers and that’s okay.

Once your form has been received by our team, we may reach out with follow-up questions and to request some documents and/or photos so please make sure your contact information is correct!

    Internet Connectivity Information

    The following section will help us understand your current/existing phone system, as well as your wants and needs for your new system so we can develop a suitable replacement solution.

    For the following questions, please visit (opens in new tab/window) and run a speed test!

    According to your speed test, what is your...

    Current System

    New System

    Network & Infrastructure

    In this section, we're asking about your network—what you have, where it is, what you might need, etc. We understand you may not be an expert or have all the answers, but please provide as much info as you can!

    Do you have existing networking equipment? Router, switches, firewall, etc. Check all that apply.

    Company Information

    These questions help us build a profile for your business in our systems.

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